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DVG delivers value to customers by doing one thing: focusing on the customer’s needs. That is the secret to our success. This is how we do it.

Software Development

Effective software development is a mixture of art and science. We’ve built some of the most critical systems for major cities and we can do the same for you.

UX/UI Design

The experience a user has with using technology can make or break a solution. We believe effective design starts with listening to the customers needs and understanding their values. Find out more about how DVG visualize your solutions.

Data Analytics

You’ve got data. Probably lots of data. But how do you use it effectively? DVG can help you unlock the power of your organization’s data.


Using esri technology, DVG can enable your organization to analyze your data geospatially. See how location data can add additional insights into your organization.

“What a customer does not say is often more important than what they do.”


We specialize in presenting data in a way that conveys meaningful information and makes it accessible for everyone in your organization.

Web Development

Web development means creating a flawlessly functioning, multi-platform, responsive web product that works and looks stunning on every device. Find out how DVG can build a web site that meets your needs.


How do you position your brand, product or service to be the most successful? How do you differentiate yourself from your competition? DVG can help define a strategy that fits your unique goals.

Mobile App Development

Apps are not only cool, they are one of the most crucial products your business needs in today’s ever-evolving digital market place. What app can DVG build for you?