Understanding the Different Types of Staffing:

Our 24*7 approach, quick turn-around time, complete compliance and willingness to walk an extra mile makes us different. Thus, at every recruitment phase, we ensure to provide the right professionals to meet your needs. Our screening process has proven to be the best in the market, which has helped us to identify and place the most qualified resources for our clients. We take pride in screening multiple candidates but providing only the best matches for consideration. As a leader in the Staffing services, we strive for the client's success with the goal enabling them to achieve the business targets better, faster and cost-effectively. Our approach to helping our clients for staff augmentation includes:

Contract Staffing:

When the Job is seasonal or need caused by a special project that has an end date then usually the companies opt for temp-staffing. Contract Staffing is a trend that is most common in United States, Europe & Middle East and somehow that’s new to Indian market still. Contract staffing is for a specific period of time, it can be renewed and the arrangement will continue under similar terms for another period of time.

Not many companies work on contract staffing that’s why we have sufficient manpower we can supply whenever required be it any niche skill you might be looking for. Contract staffing is also a great way to address a client’s fear of making a direct hire commitment.

Direct Hire:

When it comes to direct-hire we are the most trusted name in the industry, we’ve spent more than 26 years mastering it. Direct-Hire is a more of traditional employer-employee arrangement done by our company. Direct hire positions typically offer benefits to the candidate. Our direct-hire staffing recruiters have an extensive years of experience in their industries. It's their permanent job and they recruit, screen, and evaluate candidates on your behalf, while you stay focused on day-to- day business.

Contract to Permanent:

Most of the companies are unsure of a candidate; contract to direct hire staffing allows them to try the person on a contract-to- permanent basis. They can then evaluate the candidate’s skills and knowledge on the job and then decide whether or not they want to extend a direct hire offer. These contracts are for a specified period of time, most short term contracts 12 – 18 months and offer the candidate the opportunity to be hired on/convert to being a full-time employee after a specified amount of time, usually called the “term”.